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What is Canvas

Canvas is a Platform that increases the effectiveness of your financial and operational data through automation. This provides you with insight into, and control of your profitability.

About Canvas Intelligence

Canvas Intelligence is an established firm of Chartered Accountants, Business Consultants, Auditors, Tax Specialists and BI developers who aim to deliver unrivalled, premium service.

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We are all in business for the same reason – to be profitable. So why is it that profit is one of the most elusive and last figures we track? How do we manage something we don’t monitor?

Consider how it would change your business, what you focus on, and the choices you might make, if you knew exactly how your decision would impact your profitability?

The inability to easily access quality, corporate data and current information is a significant stumbling block for most executive management teams. With the absence of a corporate data warehouse, high-level business managers are usually forced to dump and manually manipulate data from disparate applications.

After witnessing the frustration and waste of having some of the best talent in organisations spend countless hours scraping away at raw data, trying to make sense of it, creating reports that were out of date the minute they were finished and wasting days doing this, we resolved to provide a tool that would take away this important but painful process.

It has been our observation that there is a distinct disconnect between Financial and Operational data. Yet, the two combined give us the profitability of our business. Canvas has been designed to collate this data and format it into a concise informative report for the business. What
is reported, how it is reported and what is measured is based on what the business needs in order to best manage its profitability.

Business Managers access to meaningful data is significantly increased by improving the data quality, manageability, usability and accessibility with the Canvas data warehouse and cube implementation.

All reports are live, current and can be customised on the fly to support each business’ dynamic needs. Measure your profitability per product, service, client, employee or even department and process. It’s an automated process delivered right to your phone, tablet or laptop hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. No human intervention required, it’s just that simple.

There are various components of the Canvas platform. Below we indicate the components beginning with the initial Canvas Cube: the Data Warehouse required as the foundation of the process. Every phase of the process guarantees the business more insight, eciency and guidance.

Why Canvas

Canvas Module Breakdown


To allow your business to run
smoother and more efficient